NHUAC Meeting

Thursday, May 2, 2019 7pm

North Highline Fire Station: 1243 SW 112th Street

This month’s NHUAC meeting will focus on where we have been and how we got here since legislation of marijuana. In a 2013 neighborhood meeting, King County publicly presented its proposal to limit marijuana businesses in North Highline. However, that proposal never became reality. By July of 2016 there were 15 legal marijuana stores in unincorporated King County; 13 of them were in either in North Highline or Skyway.

On July 25,2016, the King County Council passed Ordinance 18326 which, according to King County Council Members JoeMcDermott and Larry Gossett ” would further concentrate retail marijuana stores in low-income and working class neighborhoods and, more often than not, minority neighborhoods.” The King County Department of Permitting was tasked with preparing a report on the marijuana industry in unincorporated King County. After 2 1/2 years, the King County Marijuana Report is complete and filed with the council. To learn about and discuss the Marijuana Report, we will be joined by Jim Chan, Director of King County’s Permitting Division, Warren Clauss, Permitting’s expert on marijuana, and John Taylor, Director of King County’s Local Services Department.

Angelina Benedetti of the King County Library System, Commissioner Russ Pritchard of Water District 20, and our own Storefront Deputy, Bill Kennamer will also join us to share important happenings in North Highline. Then…the floor will be yours!